Look better. Feel better. Perform better.

The real workout starts when you want to stop.

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Strength Training

Get a custom workout using targeted physical techniques and specific tools like kettlebells to stengthen and tone your body.

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Physical Wellness

Fitness training can be tailored to meet your needs for weight loss, improved flexibility, pain relief, stress relief, and even fighting back against a major illness.

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Sports Specific Plans

A personal trainer will focus your workout to meet the needs of the sport you play.


I help everyone reach their fitness goals, from athletes reaching their peak performance skills to helping people overcome pain. I am committed to helping my clients reach their goals. Work with me and your success will be my priority.

- Claude Desgagne, Owner & Fitness Trainer

Professional Fitness Training

  • Private training sessions
  • Custom fitness goal plans
  • Expert fitness evaluations
  • Personal motivation coaching

Athletic Training

  • Sports specific training
  • Strength training
  • Stretching & flexibility
  • Foot speed development

Personal Wellness

  • Diet consultations
  • Pain management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Weight loss

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